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CANEUS Workshop, New Global Framework for Sharing of Space Technology and Data Standards To Serve Nation’s Disaster Management Needs.

This focused workshop is mandated to create a UN led Global common platform, UN Global-Sat, that allows sharing of space and data segments with its ability to serve as a strong tool for nation’s disaster management and development needs, and will be launched with Keynote by Ms. Simona Di Pippo, Director, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, UN-OOSA.

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Nano Science & Technology for Advanced Aerospace Vehicles in India THE “NAVIN” CONSORTIUM

Emerging Nano-Technology based Materials, Sensors and Systems Applied to Future Missions and Economies

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Partnership with CANEUS is an Innovation Multiplier!

Now, with the learning experience of a decade and a highly successful forward leaning track record, CANEUS International is pleased to launch this PARTNERSHIP CAMPAIGN to help ensure the sustainment of the evolving CANEUS fostered benefits...

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Partnership Benefits

  • Networking and linkage opportunities at the international level and regional level
  • Innovative solutions development opportunities
  • Harmonized National Policies (ITAR and Export Control)
  • Education opportunities (short courses, continuing education, e-training, and tailored training programs)
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  • Find Proven Concepts
  • Offer Professional Development short courses/training programs
  • Access to Technical Resources Unique to Market-driven Needs
  • Access to and Participation in Developing CANEUS Portals
  • Global TAA and IP Licensing
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