Frequently Asked Questions

Previous CANEUS participants shared many of the same questions that you may have prior to committing to active engagement with the organization. CANEUS has compiled this list of FAQs organized by member type so that you can be confident in your financial commitment to membership and its many benefits.

FAQs by Prospective Private Members:

How does CANEUS ensure compliance under ITAR given many of our shared innovations will be subject to US Department of State (DoS) regulations subject to ITAR restrictions?

CANEUS can help you with ITAR. We have invested heavily to ensure compliance with ITAR restrictions, utilizing the expert legal counsel of Squire-Sanders.

As a member, you benefit because knowledge shared at CANEUS activities (e. g., consortia) are done so under guidelines approved by US DoS.

What can CANEUS do to facilitate an open business model between large and small businesses particularly regarding IP issues?

CANEUS membership includes an IP brokering service; talk to us for details.

How is membership determined for multi-tiered corporations?

Each tier of the corporation shall have the opportunity for membership in CANEUS. For example, a holding company with three subsidiaries shall count as four members should all four entities wish to join. Each member will have one vote.

FAQs by Prospective Public Members:

How can CANEUS help European government agencies with ITAR issues whose experience operating under ITAR has been difficult?

CANEUS has facilitated individual European countries adopting North American Fly-by-Wireless and innovative emerging technology concepts into their designs.

How can small government agencies or ministries with an overall limited budget participate in CANEUS?

We have provisions for multiple agencies from your government to combine and participate under one membership. Considering the benefit of interacting at the international level in open collaboration, as well as the technology advancement you will enjoy, the value to your country far exceeds the modest membership investment.

What support might we find for our technology roadmap and access to global technology portal?

Several large US agencies are currently doing just that - developing their technology roadmap. The value to them is that through CANEUS, they will have international weighing in on their roadmap and access to global technology portal.

FAQs by Prospective Institutional Members:

Does CANEUS offer flexibility with dues between large and small universities?

Yes! Please contact the CANEUS Membership Office at or (202) 302-1736.

What is the single-greatest motive for university or laboratory membership?

CANEUS enables your mandate to commercialize technology.

What about individuals?

Yes! Individuals who are actively involved in personal research or who provide advisory services to government, elected officials and corporate executives are welcome to join.

* Other questions? Please contact the CANEUS Membership Office at or (202) 302-1736 Last updated: 6/21/2021