"To become a global virtual aerospace organization through the creation of a membership centric international collaborative innovation environment aimed at accelerating the development and use of leading edge technologies for the aerospace industry, recognized for its excellence in providing high return on investment to its members and for its contribution to the competitiveness of the industry."

CANEUS is the catalyst for the creation of a Synergistic Collaborative Innovation Environment to support and accelerate international public / private partnerships for the undertaking of high-risk, high-cost projects that meet the needs of its members. The stakeholders are its members, who include: technology developers, integrators, aerospace end-users, governmental policy makers, universities, R&D organizations, etc. from across the world. CANEUS provides a platform to accelerate the transitioning of leading edge technologies solutions rapidly and efficiently to users while reducing the risks and costs.

This is done by:
  • Capitalizing on the investments of it members in R&D by integrating the skills, experience, and research assets of government, university, industry, and R&D organizations.
  • Capitalizing on its worldwide membership (governments, industry and universities) by:
    • Syndicating resources from all stakeholders and reducing the high costs and high risks associated with disruptive technologies.
    • Developing a portfolio of projects focused on meeting the current and emerging needs of stakeholders and providing an economically viable solution in doing so.
    • Creating a collaborative virtual innovation environment for stakeholders to develop state of the art and leading edge based solutions focused on an integrated supply chain.
    • Creating a value chain that will result in rapid and efficient commercialization of new products and solutions.

Stakeholders develop and agree on the strategic focus areas which are aligned with their critical needs. CANEUS provides the organizational infrastructure to support the development of the strategic technology that focuses on key areas identified by the stakeholders’ through yearly membership conferences and working groups. CANEUS ensures the follow-through by identifying the technologies that are aligned with future stakeholders requirements, defining projects/programs with outcomes, creating projects/programs teams drawn from the stakeholders, supporting projects/programs by providing a management infrastructure and syndicating financial support.

By focusing on the development and application of indentified needs of its stakeholders, CANEUS is an effective and efficient vehicle to accelerate the development of solutions through collaborative R&D and delivering value to member organizations, partners, and potential users in a timely fashion.

Last updated: 2/25/2015