The mission of CANEUS is to establish global public/private partnerships within the aerospace community by fostering the development of a collaborative innovation environment aimed at the adoption, adaptation, and accelerated commercialization of leading edge aerospace technologies. CANEUS is committed to providing innovative engineering solutions and technical solutions vital to its membership in an efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner.

CANEUS provides the backbone to support the development and delivery of projects/programs and solutions by leveraging the resources of its international membership to provide innovative solutions to meet the critical needs of its membership: requirements, collaborative project/program teams, integration of the teams, project/program definition, management, delivery of innovative solutions to the stakeholders. This is done by the creation of projects/programs teams, created from within the membership, thus reducing the risks associated with the introduction and use of leading edge aerospace technologies.

To meet its mission requirements, CANEUS:
  1. Syndicates resources from all stakeholders and reduce the costs and risks associated with disruptive technologies.
  2. Develops a portfolio of projects focused on meeting the current and emerging needs of stakeholders, providing an economically viable solution in so doing.
  3. Creates an innovation environment for stakeholders to develop technology based solutions focused on an integrated supply chain.
  4. Creates a value chain that result in rapid and efficient commercialization of new products and solutions.
  5. Provides an international platform that will be conducive to advancing knowledge, innovation, training, and competitiveness.
  6. Becomes an unbiased third-party broker of leading edge technologies for the aerospace community and a conduit for the exploitation of leading edge technologies through linkages and networking.
  7. Becomes clearing-house and technology-watch for innovative aerospace technology solutions worldwide.

CANEUS’s objective is to be the catalyst for the integration of its membership (industry, government, universities and R&D organisations) into high performance virtual projects/programs teams able to develop technology solutions effectively and efficiently. These teams constitute the value chain of CANEUS that converts and combines the collective assets, knowledge, know-how, and experience into an effective and efficient vehicle to develop solutions aligned with the requirements and the needs of the aerospace industry.

To execute its mission, CANEUS provide a seamless global value chain, based on membership requirements, that enables activities ranging from concept development to solutions. During phases 0, I and II of development, member organizations control the higher end of the value chain, but with the conception and development of specific projects/programs the technical teams are created around specific projects/programs by pooling assets of stakeholders (industry , governments, R&D organizations and universities) and strategic partners to drive the execution of the projects/programs with the objective of providing solutions that meet the needs of the users and market demands. Through all of its phases, CANEUS ensures the proper preparation of project/program plans and the availability of funding, and provides the management infrastructure to ensure that milestones are met, that the deliverables are delivered on schedule and that the project teams capitalize on the strengths and capabilities of all participants central to the short-term and long-term success of the projects/programs.

In executing this mission, CANEUS focuses on transitioning technologies in readiness levels 3-6 to readiness levels 6-9 enabling member organizations to syndicate their resources through strategic alliances and partnerships to address critical needs and accelerate the development and adoption of new and innovative solutions while reducing the risks and costs.

Last updated: 2/25/2015