Partner Benefits

  • Networking and linkage opportunities at the international level CANEUS partners gain insight into the competencies and capabilities of other partner firms and partners, enabling them to identify, pursue, and capture business development opportunities within, as well as without, the aerospace global supply chain. They develop relationships and linkages that will contribute in a major way to their marketing activities and their reach and influence.
  • Innovative solution development opportunities CANEUS is in the business of developing and demonstrating innovative solutions/technical applications for well identified needs. Consequently, partners participating in specific projects or programs develop greater insight and understanding of the need for these products and technologies and enable partner firms to enter into commercial product development should they decide that CANEUS is not in product development business.
  • Harmonize various National Policies Harmonize ITAR and Export Controls controlling collaborative international technology developments including the brokering of the international regulatory bodies on behalf of the partnership (e.g. WRAC for frequency band allocations)
  • Learning opportunities By participating in the CANEUS conferences and workshops, partners are exposed to existing and future requirements, best of bread emerging technologies and innovative solutions. This helps CANEUS partners position themselves for future markets as well as improve their current market positions and competiveness. This transfer of knowledge is crucial for an industry where requirements evolve rapidly and where the need for innovative solutions is the key to staying competitive.
  • First hand access to the best of breed technology and expertise As a result, partners are able to position themselves to address their own requirements or future customer requirements, augment their in-house technical capabilities, and accelerate their access into emerging markets and their competiveness.
  • Intellectual property rights and opportunities CANEUS partners that participate in projects/programs have first right of refusal on the foreground IP while retaining their background IP. They gain exposure to emerging technologies through partnership for specific projects and gain rights to arising IP as the result of their participation in the project/program teams.
  • Project consortia opportunities CANEUS establishes R&D consortia (partnership driven) that act as technology accelerators for emerging requirement market needs. These consortia integrate industry and academic researchers, leverage R&D investments to address existing or new business opportunities, enhance their in-house capabilities, and act as a unique cost and risk sharing instrument for the international aerospace community.
  • Leadership opportunities partners of CANEUS have the opportunity to serve on the board, key committees, conferences, workshops, technical forums. They also can assume leadership roles in the execution of CANEUS programs and projects.
  • Creating a new R&D paradigm partners of CANEUS are part of an evolving organization where collective needs for innovative solutions can be met only by working together in collaborative environments that allow for scientific integration, greater access, efficient problem solving, and a competitive edge. CANEUS enables stakeholders to share their strengths with existing private and public labs and researchers and focus on the critical requirements. It allows the community to capture the benefits of prior R&D investments, enables firms and universities to deal with real-world technical issues, and provides a unique hands-on learning environment for future engineers and scientists.
Last updated: 6/21/2021