The Value Proposition

What is the value proposition of CANEUS?

  1. Cost and risk mitigation: access to jointly developed pre-competitive technology and proprietary product development;
  2. Participation in collaborative technology, product and business development environments;
  3. Reduced time-to-market and rapid system-level product deployment through supply chain collaboration;
  4. Participate in the development of global standards in cooperation with leading aerospace corporations and agencies;
  5. CANEUS will “harmonize” various National Policies (ITAR) controlling collaborative international technology development and frequency band allocations;
  6. Access to CANEUS forums/conferences as key networking platforms for members to address relevant issues;
  7. Access to CANEUS’ global “technology portal” that identifies state-of-the-art technology developers and suppliers;
  8. Access to a fair and equitable IP-brokering
  9. Access to “true” End-users and Consumers
Last updated: 12/16/2010