Partnership Overview

The role of CANEUS is to provide organizational leadership, coordination, technical support, and expertise for the collaboration by its partners on high-risk, high-cost MNT projects and initiatives. CANEUS provides a smooth and efficient MNT development pipeline by organizing supply chain type partnerships among its partners. CANEUS will also assist in the brokering of the intellectual property that is integral to CANEUS projects.

CANEUS establishes an “innovation environment” where the issues of confidentiality, regulatory compliance, and intellectual capital value are all addressed and the terms of partner interaction are pre-established thereby allowing for the free form collaboration by the exclusive partnership.

While CANEUS provides the organizational framework, partners, in addition to paying partnership fees, are expected to dedicate their separate technical and human resources, not only to the leadership of CANEUS, but also to the initiation, development and completion of CANEUS projects. To this end, partners must participate in the preparation of, and agree on, CANEUS work plans and allocation of CANEUS resources, and fund individual projects in which they are interested in order to take MNT technologies from proof-of-concept to systems-level prototypes.

In order to participate in CANEUS development work, partners must sign a partnership Agreement, pay the annual dues, and collaborate on high-risk, high-cost projects that directly improve the partner’s own business or institution.

The initial focus of CANEUS is on MNT technologies for Aerospace applications. CANEUS provides organizational leadership, coordination, technical support and seed money for pilot projects. To facilitate orderly development collaboration, partners must reach agreement on CANEUS project plans and related mutual interests before a CANEUS project is initiated. partners are expected to propose projects and, if they are approved by the CANEUS Project Review Committee (under the direction of the Board of Directors), to participate in the development and completion of projects.

Last updated: 6/21/2021