CANEUS Contributors

Helping Achieve CANEUS's Mission

Drawing on the vast expertise of CANEUS membership, the CANEUS leadership help the CANEUS Organization achieve its multi-faceted mission and guide its course into the future. Serving a variety of objectives, the Strategic Committees support our members' needs … recognize their achievements … organize CANEUS workshops and activities … give them a voice in public policy … foster productive collaborations … and help them advance emerging micro-nano-technology concepts into practical aerospace systems.

Key CANEUS People by Organization

NASA Headquarters NASA Ames NASA JSC NASA JPL NASA LaRC NASA MSFC NASA GRC NASA GSFC NASA KSC NASA Dryden National Science Foundation National Nanotechnology Initiative US Air Force - ORS US Air Force - SMC US Air Force - OSD US Air Force - AFRL US Air Force - AFOSR US Air Force - Aerospace Corp US Air Force - AFMC US Army - Army Research Lab US Navy - Naval Research Lab US Navy - ONR Global US Navy - NSWC US Senate - Commerce and Space Sub-Committee US Dept. of Commerce - NIST US Dept. of Commerce - TIP Sandia National Lab Draper Lab FAA Lockheed Martin - Advanced Technology Lockheed Martin - Space Systems Lockheed Martin - Avionics Lockheed Martin - Skunkworks Boeing United Launch Alliance Dawnbreaker Space Systems / Loral Squire Sanders & Dempsey ATK Space L-3 Communications L-3 Telemetry, RF Goodrich GE Global Research Center Aitech Defense Systems CSA Engineering Northrop Grumman Invocon Applied Sciences, Inc. ePrognostics Cold Quanta Redefine Technologies MicroAerospace STC Pumpkin Inc Ramp Equity SpaceX Odyssey Moon Sikorsky Securaplane Design Net Engineering Comtech AeroAstro AirLaunch LLC Bawa Biotechnology NUFERN Garvey Spacecraft Corporation Teledyne Scientific Company Hewlett-Packard (HP) Earth2Orbit LLC Invocon Inc. GDC4S TriSept Corporation Near Earth LLC Terasphere SJSU Student Volunteers FRT of America, LLC AASC Tanner Research, Inc. Coventor Applied Sensor R&D Corp Ridgetop Group, Inc. CalPoly North Carolina State UC Irvine UCLA USC Arizona State University of Maine University of Minnesota University of Florida Boston University UC Santa Cruz University of Arizona Alabama A&M Stanford University Arizona State University South Dakota School of Mines Rice University George Washington Univ. University of Washington Planetary Society BIN-RDI Girvan SATELLITE 2009 IEEE Spaceref Space Infrastructure Foundation NanoTechnology Group ATIP Canadian Consulate, Texas CANEUS Strategists Government of Canada Industry Canada National Research Council Canada - IAR National Research Council Canada - IMS National Research Council Canada - IMI Canadian Space Agency Innovative Materials Telligence Group Bombardier Corp INO Bell Helicopter Thales Group CMC Electronics Opal-RT Technologies Inc. École Polytechnique de Montréal Université de Sherbrooke McGill University Canadian Embassies and Consulates / CANEUS Supporters IEEE ESA European Commission NATO NEXUS ISC Intelligence Univ. Louvain EADS CNES Alcatel Alenia MBDA Memsfield LAAS-CNRS Devil-Hop, formerly CNES Altran DLR NMTC ASI INFN Poliba Russian Academy CNM INTA Univ Neuchâtel BAE Systems Star-Dundee National Physical Lab University of Liverpool Uppsala University ÅAC Microtec Foreign Affairs Canada IMEC Unicamp ITRI NSPO Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology Technion, Haifa INA INA

Project Support

End Users Committee Chair: Dr. Bill Atwell, Boeing, USA

The End Users Committee constitutes the backbone of the CANEUS Organization, not only in terms of defining the MNT requirements for the aerospace applications, but also in helping/assisting with the current state of the concept papers and Consortia projects. Instead of the typical "Technology Push", the End-User committee comprised of potential customers/end-users is intimately involved in the concept paper definition and selection process.

It also identifies both new and emerging micro-nano-technology concepts that have the potential for aerospace commercialization, identifies champions for new Consortia projects, and identifies end-users interested to support these new emerging initiatives

Export Control and IP Chair: George Grammas, Squire Sanders, Washington, DC

Membership Support:

Chair: Jacques Lyrette, Director, CANEUS International and Susan Bales, Bales Consulting

Develop and implements plans to attract and retain members. Develops and recommends policies and procedures related to both individual and corporate membership and provide information as to the views of members. Additionally, the Committee steers CANEUS’ activities concerning corporate membership grades, service, and dues policy.

Educational Professional Development and Events

Chair: Milind Pimprikar, Founder & Chair, CANEUS International

Develops and implements policies and procedures relating to educational matters, honors and awards, publication information services, and international activities of CANEUS.


  • Captain Jeffrey Graham
    Executive Officer
    Office of Naval Research Global(ONRG)
  • Joseph Arbour
    Deputy Director-Chief Scientific Division
    NATO Undersea Research Centre - NURC
  • John Mittleman
    Science Advisor
    Naval Research Laboratory
  • Jay W. Middour
    Head, Space Systems Technology
    Naval Research Laboratory
  • James Tugman
    Naval Research Laboratory


  • Michel Courtois
    Director ESTEC-ESA
    ESA Host
  • Laurent Marchand
    Head, Component, ESA


  • Peter S. Warden
    Director, NASA Ames CANEUS 2009 Honorary Chair
  • Peter Kluper
    Director of Engineering CANEUS 2009 Host
  • John Hines
    CANEUS 2009 Co-Chair
  • Harry Partridge
    CANEUS 2009 Co-Chair
  • Lewis S. Braxton III
    CANEUS 2009 Host
  • Gary L. Martin
    CANEUS 2009 Host
  • Linda Hellman
    CANEUS 2009 Host
  • Karen C. Bradford
    CANEUS 2009 Host
  • Shirley J. Burg
    CANEUS 2009 Host
  • Charles Smith
    CANEUS 2009 Technical Co-Chair
  • Deepak Srivastava
    CANEUS Founding Director
  • Meyya Meyyappan
    CANEUS Founding Director
  • Raj Shea
  • Komal Sadhwani
    CANEUS-NASA Space Act Agreement
  • Rachel Prucey
    NASA PR for CANEUS 2009
  • Jim Arnold
    Key CANEUS Supporter
  • Sylvia M. Johnson
    Key CANEUS Supporter
  • Minoru M. Freund
    CANEUS 2009 Host
  • Bruce Yost
    CANEUS SSSC Supporter
  • Serdar Uckun
    CANEUS FBW Supporter
  • Dionna Marshall and Marla Arcadi
    CANEUS 2009 Host Coordinators
  • Julianna Fishman
    CANEUS 2009 Facilitator
  • Gregory L. Bennett
    CANEUS 2009 Logistics Manager


  • Jean-Marc Thomas
    Président, Airbus, France
    Honorary Chairman
  • François Jouaillec
    Aerospace Valley, France
    Conference Co-Chair
  • Minoo Dastoor
    Conference Co-Chair
  • Oudea Coumar
    EADS-ST, France
    Technical Chair
  • Raj Manchanda
    Conference Organizer


  • Meyya Meyyappan
    NASA-Ames, USA
    Conference Co-Chair
  • Tammy Wiser
    Conference Organizer
  • Thomas George
    Technical Co-Chair
  • Deepak Srivastava
    NASA Ames
    Technical Co-Chair
  • Coumar Oudea
    EADS-ST, Europe
    Technical Co-Chair
  • Jan Suski
    MEMSfield, France
    Technical Co-Chair


  • Darius Nikanpour
    Canadian Space Agency
    Workshop Co-Chair
  • Rozita Naghshin
    Workshop Organizer
  • Neil Gordon
    Canadian Nanobusiness
  • Judith Light-Feather
    Nanotechnology Education

1st Workshop 2001

  • Nezih Mrad
    IAR-NRC, Canada
    Workshop Organizer
  • Rozita Naghshin
    Workshop Organizer
  • William Tang
    DARPA Program Manager
    Representing US Defence
  • Thomas George
    MEMS Manager JPL-NASA
    Representing US Space
  • Ayman El-Fatatry
    BAE Systems UK
    Representing NEXUS-Europe
  • Hanny Moustapha
    Pratt & Whitney Canada
    Representing Aeronautics

1999-2001 Project

  • Carles Ferrer
  • Bernard Courtois
    TIMA, France
  • Harvey Tretout
    Dassault Aviation
  • Catherine Kolitsch
  • Denis Lafeuille
    Canadian Embassy, France
    Strategic Advisor
  • Peter Eggleton
    Telligence Group, Canada
    Strategic Advisor
  • Gilles Leclerc
    Canadian Embassy, France
    Strategic Advisor
  • Guy Ladequis
    Canadian Embassy, France
    Strategic Advisor
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