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In-house Training Programs and Short Courses for CANEUS Corporate Members

As a "hands on" organization, CANEUS is focused on the practical aspects of transitioning MNT rapidly and efficiently into aerospace systems. In achieving this goal, CANEUS has become the world’s premier body, bringing together MNT developers, aerospace end-users, governmental policy makers and investors from across the world.

CANEUS has partnered with companies and organizations around the world for over 8 years, including NASA, Boeing, LMCO, amongst others. Drawing on our resources as part the Global CANEUS-Network, we can collaborate with you to create customized educational programs at your location.

E-based Training Programs and Short Courses

  • Live, web-based, interactive seminars and courses
  • Ask questions. Engage in discussions. All in real time.
  • Earn CEU credits without leaving your home or office

CANEUS web-based training programs and seminars are delivered over the web. They are as informative and content-rich as traditional programs - but you can participate without ever having to leave your desk.

CANEUS has developed this alternative format to deliver technical courses directly to you to accommodate the travel budget restrictions. You can log in to the live event from anywhere you have a telephone and a PC with Internet access. Registration will be on an individual participant basis.

At Locations: We Can Also Customize a Program to Fit Your Specific Needs

We can tailor your program format, schedule, and location to fit your objectives and budget. With over 25+ certificate programs in more than 10 fields, we have the world’s best of the breed network with experience to customize a training program / course just for you. In addition, by working with us on a customized program you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Use your budget and time wisely and effectively. Instead of spending time, effort and dollars trying to locate and /or build training yourself, choose from a variety of CANEUS programs, delivery options and flexible formats. Plus, facilities, educational materials, schedules, evaluations, follow-up, and other details are handled thoroughly and professionally by our experienced staff so you can focus on your work.
  • Provide your staff with the latest relevant knowledge and practices.
  • The CANEUS network spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and MENA regions, make us the perfect choice for an education and training partner.
Last updated: 12/14/2010