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Export Control for Aerospace and Defense

If you have offices, markets, or clients abroad, we can help your staff work with unique export control / ITAR regulations, globalization and localization issues, and help prepare TAA.

Small Satellites

  • Standards
  • Launch Opportunities
  • Space-based AIS


  • Wireless Data
  • SHM
  • Wireless Sensors

Harsh Environment Sensors

Optoelectronic Devices


MNT Reliability

  • Testing and Standards
  • Radiation


  • Nano-Composite Materials for Thermal Protection
  • Nano-Composite Materials for Structural Load-Bearing applications
  • Multifunctional Composite Materials with MNT Embedded Sensors
  • MNT based Space Transportation & Re-entry Technologies

MNT for Aerospace Applications

  • MNT for Civilian and Military Aircraft Needs
  • MNT for Unmanned and Manned Space Needs
  • MNT for Defense Needs

MNT Concept to Systems

  • Concept to Product

MNT Aerospace Commercialization

IP issues for International Consortium

Policy Issues for International Collaboration

International Consortium Funding Mechanisms

  • EU Framework Program FP7 and FP*
  • International Programs
  • Private Sector Funding
Last updated: 12/14/2010