To Create a low-cost, internationally shared space based data collection and distribution backbone with exceptionally low barriers to entry for participating nations.

How does it relate to the existing programs?

1 It complements the existing programs, increases their range and adds new functionality to them as:

A. Spaced based AIS (Automatic Identification System) for ships with:
  • Higher level of persistent coverage
  • Coverage in currently un-monitored areas
  • Approximate real time information gathering
  • Lowest cost to the end users

B. An universal platform for data extraction for:
  • Global, continuous situational awareness in open sea and shallow waters in support of security and safety
  • Monitoring the environment and pollution in “unwired” places such as polar regions and open oceans
  • Monitoring countries’ exclusive economic zones
  • Monitoring fishing activities and violations
  • Monitoring borders, deserts and “unwired” areas in support of governance in remote areas

2 It brings a new level of international partnerships:

  • Open and affordable for all nations, increases geographical coverage, and provides countries having no space capabilities with the benefits of satellite technology
  • High flexibility of contributions: Partners ,including governments, commercial businesses and academia, can participate with monetary or in-kind investments (building own satellites, contributing launch services or ground station operations, or other contributions to the constellation)
  • Participating nations become part of a new global information network offering solutions to a wide array of needs in support of global safety, security, environmental protection and economic growth

An international effort, in line with national security strategies that call for Cooperative Security to promote safety, security, protection of the environment, and global economic development

The CANEUS Shared Small Satellites CSSP (Collective Security, Safety, and Prosperity) International Workshop, held on October 20-22, 2010 in Marina di Carrara, Tuscany, Italy, is the forum dedicated to fostering Global collaboration to create a concept for space-based communications infrastructure owned and operated by a multi-national cooperative. Read More >>

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Workshop Presentations

Please note that most of the following files are password-protected and is accessible only to those who attended or partnered with the CANEUS Shared Small Satellites CSSP workshop and to CANEUS members. For more information, please email

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