FBW12 | CANEUS Fly-by-Wireless Workshop 2012
August 24-27, 2012 | Orono, Maine, USA

Vision: To minimize cables and connectors across the aerospace industry by providing reliable, lower cost, higher performance alternatives for a vehicle/program’s life cycle.

The 5th CANEUS Fly-by-Wireless Workshop - FBW12 will focus on advancing the End-User driven International Public-Private Consortia projects

Preamble: Wireless Technology Breakthroughs Make New Aircraft / Spacecraft Vehicle Architectures Possible New technology options for data connectivity, processing and micro/nano manufacturing are making it possible to retrofit existing aerospace vehicles. New vehicles can now develop architectures that provide for and take advantage of alternatives to wired connectivity. But to do all this, we need to make wireless connectivity as reliable and useful as wired.

There are several technological challenge, e.g. onboard wireless RF issues including dedicated RF spectrum, standards and interoperability, EMI/EMC, Radio Frequency Interference and jamming, environmental issues, multi-path, density of information with certain radio types/frequencies, RF failure modes and design/development costs to provide modularity and accessibility in the vehicle. Each of the alternatives to wired connectivity have their challenges and advantages, so these are only a part of the development issues the developing community faces to bring forward viable less-wire and wireless technology applications.

It needs a global concerted effort to examine both radio-frequency (RF) and non-RF alternatives to achieve the “Fly-by-Wireless” vision: to minimize cables and connectors across the aerospace industry by providing reliable, lower cost, and higher performance alternatives for a vehicle/program's life-cycle.

FBW12 Focus: “To create a world class, state-of-the-art wireless testing and research facility that will benefit the Aerospace industry worldwide for applications ranging from SHM, Aviation RF Communication Spectrum, Wireless Simulators, Wireless Engine and possibly UAV applications”

During the FBW 2011 Workshop, end-users identified and proposed eight (8) fly-by-wireless project concepts for advancing to system / product demonstration level. Now, the task is to select those concepts for the collaborative project development step that will be supported by the complete supply chain, can succeed in securing the financing, and have strong business case.

The upcoming 5th Fly-by-Wireless workshop aims: (a) to refine the focus projects and pertinent details, identify specific development needs, outline teaming and funding schemes, plan project oversight and execution, and establish milestones from which to gauge success of the projects, and (b) stimulate formation of project teams comprised of technology providers and application/end users and project proposals from each team that have significant mutual benefit and high potential of funding from internal of external organizations.

1. Develop Fly by Wireless solutions for UAV platform;
2. Develop a reduced cost/weight wireless systems for aero-simulators;
3. Development of Back-up Wireless Systems
4. Develop Wireless Controlled Loop monitoring system

5. Wireless Test bed Development Evaluate Shuttle use cases/guidelines for wireless systems Define safety requirements for wireless systems at criticality levels Define the parameters necessary for evaluating wireless systems Develop well defined Wireless Test bed with channel characterization.

6. Sensors: Develop power-free/self-powered sensors for aero conditions (e.g., icing) Wireless sensor integration for engine safety (ongoing Wireless Engine Test bed development)

7. Collaboration Tools: Develop regularly updated portal for wireless sensors and systems Formulate collaborative testing programs using existing FBW platforms

8. Wi – SHM
FBW sensor networks for structural health monitoring systems.

In order to accomplish the ambitious goals of this 5th Fly-by-Wireless workshop, the program has been structured in four parts:

I. Case for CANEUS Fly-by-Wireless Sector Consortia: The plenary session outlines the mission, vision, and goals of the CANEUS Fly-by-Wireless Consortium as well as presentations from ICAO, and visionaries worldwide to minimize cables and connectors across the aerospace industry. The Plenary session of the Workshops will provide participants with the raison d’être of FBW consortia and the CANEUS approach to implementing its goals. This plenary session will also address the key challenges faced in working on collaborative high-risk, high-cost projects.

II. Sessions Covering End-User Needs and Technology Developers Gap: The goal of the subsequent Sessions and the presentations from world-class Experts, including those selected from the abstracts received in response to the call for papers, is to update participants on the needs and lessons learned of the aerospace (aeronautics, space and Defence) industries including the basis for the business case, as well, all aspects of fly-by-wireless technologies: the state-of-the-art in developments related to FBW, challenges, applications and to identify the technology gaps.

Major topics of Interest include:
Application End-Users Categories:

  • Aircraft – Manned and Unmanned
  • Helicopters and spacecraft landing vehicles
  • Spacecraft
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Jet Engines and Rockets (hot and cold sections)
  • Flight Test Programs
  • Aerospace Vehicle Ground Support Systems/ Drag-on equipment & Tools
  • Human/Robotic Systems – crew, passengers, customers
  • Infrastructure changes – Spectrum, Certification

  • Technology Developers Categories:
  • Wireless and Less-Wire Sensing
  • Wireless no-power sensors/sensor-tags
  • Standalone, robust wireless data acquisition
  • Scavenge and Rechargeable power sources
  • RFID tags for ID, position, data, & sensing
  • Nano-technology enhancements to Micro-Wireless Sensing
  • Harsh Environment wireless sensors
  • Wireless and Less-Wire Avionics
  • Robust Programmable wireless radios
  • Wireless controls – back-up or low criticality
  • Robust high speed wireless avionics communications

  • Enabling Architectures
  • Multi-drop bus-based systems
  • Data on power lines
  • No connectors for avionics power
  • Standard interfaces & operability for Hardware, Software and RF
  • Light weight coatings, shielding and connectors

  • Technology Alternatives to Cables and Connectors:
  • Standalone Wireless DAQ and active sensor tags
  • No-power RFID and passive sensor tags – direct access to sensors with no battery or cables at a short distance
  • Robust/adaptive radios adjust characteristics to optimize RF communications
  • Lightweight coatings/shieldings for EMI/EMC and avoid RF Interference
  • Flight test instrumentation
  • When finding different frequencies, we need to ensure that these are not interfering with existing frequencies being used
  • Poster sessions: Poster sessions featuring presentations from universities, research laboratories, SME’s and end-users complement the topics covered in the sessions.

    Student Papers and Award: Papers are also solicited in any of the above areas from graduate and undergraduate students. Students must indicate their status and affiliation. The top 3 entries will receive first prize of $1,000 and two prizes of $500 each.

    III. The Consortia Project Development, Implementation and Success Criteria: Sessions are the heart of this 5th BW workshop. We are endeavouring to create a program that optimizes the use of participant time to produce measurable deliverables to advance the goals and activities of each of the existing well-defined projects as well identify new projects with strong business case.

    Topics covered in the sessions from the second part of the workshop will feed into this third part of the workshops: participants will apply the knowledge acquired during the sessions towards formulating and implementing existing as well new projects. Finally, as a measure of the workshop success, each project team will present the findings and outcome to gauge project completion and milestone achievements, and the avenues to be pursued to overcome challenges such as intellectual property, funding, and government regulations.

    IV. Workshop Outcome - Projects and Reports: These sessions aim to summarize the output of each of the existing and proposed Consortia projects. In these sessions, workshop participants will also have the opportunity to learn about the implementation plan and nominate new leaders for the working groups.

    Supporting Activities and Resources

    a. Technical / Industrial Exhibits: There are limited exhibit spaces that would allow large and small industries and universities / research laboratories to showcase their capabilities: both hardware and other demos. These displays will also contribute towards the projects presented during the workshop sessions. To encourage maximum participation, the Planning Committee has allocated maximum 5 exhibit spaces for each project.

    b. Handbook for Project Development, Background Papers and Facilitators For the workshop participants, we have prepared a Sector Consortia handbook that will help participants guide through the various stages of the project preparations. There are many additional background papers that are being commissioned to help provide participants with the various topics of the interest.

    Abstract Submission

    Presentations for this workshop should be strongly influenced by the participant’s personal perception of what is necessary to realize the needs and requirements of the Fly-By- Wireless Consortium focus project. Whether you are a customer, end user, technology provider, or set policy, determine the capability or technical contribution that you think best address the challenges of the focus project.

    Abstracts of presentation should be sent by email to: workshop@caneus.org

    Abstracts including figures should not exceed two pages in length. Acceptable formats are Adobe PDF and MSWord. The abstract should include authors name and affiliation, telephone and e-mail contact information for the primary author. Presenters should ensure that they have requisite approval from their organization. Presentations will be selected based on their technical merit and suitability with the defined scope and goals of this workshop.

    Workshop Schedule Presentation and Publication: The official workshop language for the workshop will be English. Speaker will be provided with a presentation template to and guidelines to prepare their presentations. This will ensure consistency with all presentations. Each speaker will be allotted 10 minutes for presentation and for questions / discussion.

    All workshop presentations will be made available on the website with secured password..

    Important Dates:
    Abstract Submission: July 9th, 2012
    Presentation in Requisite Format: August 6th, 2012

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